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Ecofest 2012 Event Descriptions

Our absolute easiest event! According to the Boston Globe, less than 15% of Bostonians recycle. And the fraction of trash that is recycled has not changed since the late 1990’s (the Environmental Protection Agency Estimates that 80% of American trash is recyclable. Drop the throw-away mentality. Recycling bins are available in all the dorms and elsewhere on campus. Find one!

Bring your own eco-friendly cup to your fave coffee joint for a shot of pure buzz without the waste.

Skip the entire “Paper or plastic?” question by bringing your own re-usable bags to the grocery store or on shopping trips.

Plastic Schmastic
Go plastic-free for a week. No sodas, no plastic wrap, no plastic utensils.

Towel Down
Cut your use of paper towels, paper napkins and toilet paper in half during the period of the Ecolympics. We bet you can.

Think outside the box! Every gallon of gas burnt in an automobile puts another twenty pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Be car-free for a week and feel carefree.

Stair Climb
Get your cardio going by taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

Power Down
Turn off your screen saver and let your computer go to sleep. It probably needs it. Better yet, turn off your computer when you're not using it.

Un-plug any electronics not in use, including your coffee-maker and printer.

Nothing But Air
Save money on dryers: air dry your clothes. Air dry your hair. It’s free.

Light Share
Turn off ALL lights you’re not using. Study with a buddy in the library and share the lights.

Generate your own fun by turning off the TV for the week. Play Frisbee or cards, get a game of Scrabble or Monopoly going, or read a story to a friend.

Defrost your freezer and save energy. Here's how: 1. Put your food in your friend's freezer and fridge. 2. Unplug your fridge. 3. Put a tray or a towel under the freezer to catch the drippings. 4. When it's ice-free, plug it back in restock it and help your friend defrost his or hers. Easy!

Go Natural
For the long-haired: don't straighten or curl your hair for at least three days during the Ecolympics. Think of the time you'll save, and the energy.

Power Shower
Get in, soap up, rinse and get out. See if you can do it in half your normal time. Every minute you cut saves about five gallons of water!

Water Break
Break your bottled water habit by drinking tap water from a re-usable bottle.

Toothbrush Blitz
Spend your energy brushing your teeth not running the water. See if you can do the job using just one cup of water.

Yes, it’s a tough one for us meat-lovers but the carbon footprint of our meat-heavy diet is enormous. See if you can cut your meat consumption in half during the Ecolympics, or go completely meatless. We’ll help with the recipes.

Keep agricultural biodiversity alive by trying a new vegetable or two during the Ecolympics. Get to know kale!

Eat Local
Most of our food is shipped from around the country or beyond. Can you eat local food (that travelled less than 100 miles) for at least two days? Tip: check out our resources page for local restaurants that serve local food.

Organic Eats
Reduce the need for pesticides and herbicides, which pollute and harm ecosystems by switching to organic fruit and vegetables during the Ecolympics. It's easier than you think.

Dinner for Two
Our most social event! It takes about the same amount of energy to cook for two as it does to cook for one. Invite a friend over for dinner and save energy together.

Become aware of what's happening in enviro-news by "Friend"-ing or "Liking" three environmental organizations on Facebook and reading their feeds for two weeks. Some possibilities include WWF, The Nature Conservancy, TreeHugger and Sustainability@BU. Don’t forget to share some links with your friends!

Species ID
It's in naming things that we first understand them. What kind of species live around you? Identify five species of any kind that you didn't know before and find out something interesting about them. As you discover them, post a brief note about each of them on our Facebook Fan page (such as how to identify the species). You'll educate the rest of us!

Food Tracker
According to the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization, 75% of crop diversity was lost during the 20th century. During the Ecolympics, tune into your diet and log how many species you ate and depended on. Update your results on our Facebook page. The results may surprise you.

Endangered Species Watch
Find out about one local and one non-local species that is threatened or endangered and post information about it to your Facebook page and to our Facebook group.

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